Friday, February 11, 2011

pictures i found on my camera

da kitty!
 This is my stove while I'm cooking pancakes. I also have a couple spices on top of it  :p
 These are some pictures I found on my camera that are pretty sweet.  Not really cooking related, but still pretty awesome


  1. A few spices, sheesh! More than I have! And where are your pics from? Those are sweetness!

  2. Is that stove from the 1970's? And is that scene your backyard?

  3. Amazing spice collection, Rich. Does your camera do videos? You could show the other special features of that stove! Like the storage drawer? And the fact that it keeps pumping out delicious recipes, even at 4am. Wow. I need me one of those.

  4. those pictures are from bloomington lake up in idaho, pretty close to bear lake. it was really beatiful up there
    yeah my camera does take videos, but i don't have enough hands to film myself while i'm cooking haha

  5. Those pics are spectacular. No wonder you've taken to camping and hiking recently. And your spices . . . all I can say is pretty soon you're going to need a bigger oven to accommodate your ever-growing supply! At least there's one benefit to that ancient relic!