Sunday, April 24, 2011

pictures with the new camera, and a spicy tomato chicken soup

i took these pictures with the camera dad gave me.  thanks dad!

the mustard monster. complete with spices

the two front burners died, so i took them out and covered them in foil
this is the spicy stuff. yum  :)

Apartment Hunting!
 and one night for dinner, i decided i needed to use some canned tomatoes. thats how this meal started
a few tasty ingredients to give it some zip. the dijon and ketchup go well together 

creole seasoning is amazing if you like spicy and salty foods

spicy ground pepper and basil pesto

Well seasoned grub

i think this has chicken in it too


this shot makes me hungry. i can see the johnnys garlic in the top left...yum

pandora. a great way to find good music, and nice when cooking as well  :)

My frisbee golf discs! The beast and valkrie are new, and mom and krista gave me the blue, red, and middle white disc

deliciousness--johnnys garlic, basil, the spicy stuff, alfredo cheese, montreal chicken


  1. Rich, you are hilarious. I love this post ha ha! And glad you found an apartment

  2. Phew...I'm glad to see there are no pictures of me binging on cheese curd samples and cookies and cream milk (although I have to say their mango milk was a little weird).
    I wish there was a picture of me binging on that spicy chicken yumminess...just maybe the mild or medium variety.

  3. By the start with canned tomatoes and end up with that delicacy? I start with canned tomatoes and invariably end up with bland chicken spaghetti. I need some spice vision!

  4. Careful. that camera will self destruct around too much garlic. :-)

    (I've never seen a frisbee receipe before...)


  5. Rich, I think you got me addicted to meat tenderizer and montreal chicken seasoning. I used it this weekend and then I used it again cuz it helped my chicken so much. That's a keeper! And is this your new place with the beasty oven? Is it time to get some baking going on?

  6. p.s. the red white and blue frisbees are obviously the coolest

  7. Where are you when I need you? I have a pint of fresh pesto in my fridge and I don't know what to do with it. Help!

  8. Ha ha, I love the very complete documenting of your cooking (ie including the computer playing Pandora). That looks yummo.

  9. i think i'll have to go back to gossners, i really liked their spicy cheese spread :)
    montreal chicken is probably my favorite seasoning for chicken. although a combination of poultry seasoning, lemon pepper/herb and montreal is usually tasty
    mom-here's a link to allrecipes top rated ones with pesto, i hope you see something you like

  10. Thanks Richard, I'll check it out right away...while this pesto is still good.

  11. Rich - when Corey saw that the creole seasoning you bought was TONY CHACHERE'S - the #1 legit seasoning they use down South, he said, "My respect for Rich as a cook just went [automatically] up." YAYAYA for Tony's!! :D I just presumed you had gotten some generic (aka weaksauce) creole seasoning, but no, you went for the gold. Go get em, Corey's family would be so proud!! Have you tried Tony's on eggs? We put it on pretty much everything