Friday, February 3, 2012


 fresh summer grape tomatoes are the best  :)
 no bakes, and happy ones at that  :)

 It's been a weird winter, but the lack of snow has allowed for extra frisbee golf 
Some creamy and cheesy baked fries

 my first two loaves of bread i ever made on my own
 It was spicy, buttery, and delicious  :)


  1. Richard, did those tomatoes come from your garden? And I like your Frisbee Christmas Tree! You're quite the collector these days. And what's in the bread to make it spicy?

  2. The happy no bakes are CRACKING ME UP! I love it, Rich. I would love a repeat performance of the bread...preferably in SL or UT county. I'm so excited for Thursday night.

  3. HAH! Your happy no bakes are crackin me up :)