Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My inspiration for a blog: a decent sandwich!

So its fourish in the morning, i just made an awesome sandwich--and i feel this justifies the creation of an internet blog. I love using allrecipes, so i think i'll put it in a list form in their honor
sliced chicken
tomato slices
romaine green leaf lettuce
barbecue sauce
sliced cheddar cheese
step one -- apply barbecue sauce and mayonnaise to bread
step two -- assemble sandwich. throw in whatever else looks good  :)

this sandwich was totally easy to make, and tasted amazing. bon apetite


  1. wow, now that I'm pregnant, I'm going to be wanting some delish sandwiches at 4am anyway, so your blog'll be a lifesaver. :) Yay Rich!

  2. I'm not surprised Becca has the first post here...the barbecue queen that she is. It sounds yummy. Next time I fix chicken I'm throwing in an extra breast to give it a try. Yum.